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Shark Point

Dive Site - Phuket

Shark Point dive site is only halfway to Phi Phi Island. Therefore you could expect crystal clear water and excellent visibility as always. However, the weather is quite unpredictable in this region. Mostly, there are more petite kinds of aquatic animals in this region. The groups of glassfish are easily found in this area. It's a chance to tease them a bit by swimming right in the middle of the group. That'd be an amazing underwater photo-shoot. Undoubtedly, Shark Point is one of the best dive sites in Phuket.

Initially, Shark Point was named for the frequent visits of leopard sharks in the area, although there are possibly more leopard sharks around phi-phi dive sites a little further east in recent years. Shark Point is located about 28 km east of Phuket, near Anemone Reef and King Cruiser Wreck. The diving site contains several pinnacles of underwater. The northern pinnacle breaks the ice, but the little dark rock that hangs on it does not give any indication of soft corals colored underwater. Most dives begin at the first pinnacle and descend along the line to a maximum depth of 24 meters.           

The little rock Shark Point, 2 hour East of Phuket, is renowned for its vast diversity of marine life and is a marine sanctuary. The colorful soft corals, gorgonian corals and sea fans that adorn the calcareous peak, a wide variety of tropical fish, and the famous Leopard sharks are special sights that should be sought after. Particularly perfect for macro life are this location and the nearby Anemone Reef. This is known by many in Phuket as the best dive site.

Shark Point could be dived from Phuket all year round. Day excursions include the Shark Point with the King Cruiser Wreck or Phi Phi Islands every day. Through trip includes 3 dives, one in Shark Point, but sometimes it is changed to the nearby Anemone Reef.


  • Mountain tip

  • Variety of aquatic animals

  • Big groups of small fishes
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