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South Tip Racha Noi

Dive Site - Phuket

If you're looking for a fascinating dive site with a high chance to see Mantas and fewer people, South Tip in Racha Noi is your best choice. 

We honestly wish that we could get every trip to Racha Noi South Tip, but the converging currents from each side of Racha Noi make even in weak tides a difficult dive. The present is small enough for us to come just once or twice a month, but when it's possible, it's a real treat. Even the guides queue for this journey!

The dive site consists of a series of enormous granite rocks, smoothly washed by the strong currents. In these environments, corals find it difficult to build colonies so that you will not find too much. In some protected areas there is a little bit, but we're not here for that alone. The site is the only cleaning station for kilometers, so every giant manta is in the region to visit. You don't always come, but it's still a beautiful diving spot, even if it's not.

Normally the drop is eliminated from the island so once you hit the water, we look down to make sure we see the top of the diving site. Based on the tide, the lowest level of the dive site is 12-14. Look for a shelter if there is some current (preferable), and work your way around the blocks slowly. A south side wall descends to 50 meters+ and is an ideal place to look for leopard sharks and abuser rays.

The plankton has been washed down by vivid schools of fusiliers and other tiny fish. This in turn attracts small groups of tangy bluefin and some very large barracudas of yellowtails. At the south tip of our other dive sites, all predators seem a little larger than usual, reflecting the amount of food available.


  • Variety of aquatic animals

  • Highest chance to see Manta Rays

  • Mostly good visibility
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