Phuket Diving Course

Racha Noi - Yai

Dive Site - Phuket

Racha Noi - Yai dive site is the second most popular dive site in Phuket. Aside from the fact that this is one of Phuket's most comfortable diving sites, you will also expect clear visibility throughout the day. There are some small wrecks of scooters, and stuff from big ships left behind. Sea turtles would probably come to say Hi to your group at some point. They might even bring their good friend, Manta Rays, to come to say Hi too. Racha Noi - Yai is probably one of the best dive sites in Thailand you would want to begin with.

Phuket provides an amazing number of day trips and the sea life is really excellent. There are diving places for all diving levels, from simple shallow reef dives to wrack dives and wall dives. While Racha Noi further south has some dive sites with deeper waters and currents– it is not unusual to find Mantra rays there. Racha Yai is ideal for preparation or gentle drift dives. Shark Point and Anemone Reef offer colorful leopard and soft corals. King Cruiser Wreck will add spice to our menu, while Phi Phi is within easy reach of a day trip. Here's an rundown of Phuket's best scuba spots.

Racha Yai is a beautiful tropical island with a lot of hard coral reefs, vibrant shallow water coral gardens and great opportunities for a fun and fast drift dive. It's about 90 minutes by day trip boat south of Phuket. There are many excellent dive spots for beginners and snorkelers, 2-20 m deep, and even a few small wrecks that are an ideal place for all to do. There's a lot of life here, including lionfish, scorpionfish, wading, puffer, triggerfish, wild eels, etc. There are several places of diving around the island, so you can dive on the sheltered side on a windy day all year round.


  • Easy Dive

  • Clear Water

  • Higher chance to see Manta Rays and Sea Turtles

  • Variety of corals
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