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North Andaman

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You cross over at a depth of about 18 meters between the 2 pinnacles. In Shark Point's second pinnacle, you can't usually see from one to another with an average visibility of around 12 meters– trust the knowledge of your divemaster! In addition to the soft corals, major seamen and rough coral gardens in lower waters are also present.

Scorpionfish, lions, pufferfish, blue ringed angelfish, snappers, birds and a variety of forms of moray eels are some species of marine life. Colorful Nudibranches, dancing shrimp and also nice young fish look on rock and between corals, like the cube of boxfish and sweet harlequins. There are also schools of fish over the reef, such as snappers and snappers, and thousands of small silversides. On rare occasions, a whaleshark's shade might cross as you immerse yourself.

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Similan Islands

Dive Site

There should not be questions asked about the real beauty of the Andaman ocean. Cruising and diving through the North Andaman ocean, you would experience the true color of North Andaman from Phuket to Myanmar. The last destination of North Andaman is Richelieu Rock. But before that, you may stop and take a fresh air at Similan islands, Surin island, Koh Bon, and Koh Tachai. The North Andaman is not just beautiful, but colorful with soft corals and hard corals. Let's make it short, North Andaman is the place where heaven on earth is meeting with heaven underwater.

Tachai Island

Dive Site

Tachai island has been an on-off island destination in the Andaman ocean. You might not be able to get on the island, but you still can enjoy discovering the world underwater. Koh Tachi dive site is the most popular dive site among locals and Thai divers. The currents at Koh Tachai can be very strong but lookt at a good side, strong currents bring big fish like Manta Rays and Leopard sharks to Koh Tachai.

Surin Islands

Dive Site

Surin island is newly opened to the world to discover its pure beauty. You could easily go down from one side of the island and dive to another side along with hard corals. Surin island dive site is very chill and easy for any level of diving. Surin island is also home to a big group of Barracuda and the long-nosed batfish. If you are lucky, big fish like Giant Barracuda, Tuna, Mackeral and Trevally often come to Surin island as well.

Koh Bon

Dive Site

Koh Bon is very popular among all divers as Koh Bon is the spot to see Manta Rays. Another reason why Koh Bon is many divers’ favorite is that it’s an easy dive site. The visibility is good most of the time. But the currents could be very strong as it brings Manta Rays to this dive site. So sometimes Koh Bon is more for experienced divers. However, Koh Bon more than welcomes all divers to discover the great wall underwater and watch Manta Rays come to swim in a circle.

Richelieu Rock

Dive Site

Richelieu Rock is claimed to be the most beautiful dive site in Thailand. It’s a huge rocky mountain underwater with a tip up on the surface. This dive site is usually not very busy as it’s a quite challenging dive site. However, if you want to test your luck about Whale Shark, this is the place to be. Whale Sharks are mostly spotted here. But again, there is no guarantee. The visibility at Richelieu Rock is not always good. But for sure, you will get amazed by how amazing the scenes underwater at Richelieu Rock.