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King Cruiser Wreck

Dive Site - Phuket

King Cruiser is an entity made by man, which is out of existence. It's fascinating to see how even the biggest ship is drawn in by design. Initially, King Cruiser was a passenger and car ferryboat from Japan. It was bought and moved to Thailand. It finally worked as a passenger ferry for the rest of its existence between Phuket and Phi Phi and it sank off the east of Phuket on 4 May 1997. All 561 passengers were rescued.

King Cruiser wreck is now a popular recreational dive site and acts as an artificial reef to complement the Anemone Reef. It sits upright on a sandy bottom in about 30m of depth. 

Around the wreck, there is lots of coral growth and an abundance of fish. Schools of bigeye trevally can be seen circling above the captain's cabin. Soft corals can be found along the sides and also on the top of the wreck. Large schools of yellow snapper, many Scorpionfish and particularly lionfish can be seen around the wreck. There are also occasional encounters with sharks, barracuda and turtles.


  • Variety of aquatic animals

  • Amazing big wall underwater

  • Stunning King Cruiser wreck

  • Mostly good visibility
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