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Anemone Reef

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Anemone Reef is a height 3 meters deep, with the sandy bottom drop at 30 meters and a total of 25 meters. This hits the floor.

This reef is dominated by soft colorful corals like a shark mark and is a good place to find seahorses and cowrie snails. Marble rays and Eagle rays can be found on the ground near the coral bottom.

It is important to bear in mind that all three locations are considered deep when diving in these sites and that you should plan to dive in for a period of 90 minutes between each dive in order to avoid a time spent on the final dive. In order to increase your start time, Nitrox lessons are available at Phi Phi Barakuda every day.

Anemone Reef dive site is as picturesque as its name. Your daydream of Garden of Eden will be real the second you pass the surface. Besides the colorful anemone reef, this dive site is also home to several small aquatic animals.

It's going to be one full day in Disneyland full of Nemo, Clownfish, Clarks, Pink, Tomato Anemonefish. These fishes are generally discovered in this Anemone Reef site. If you are looking for a full fun day to explore the underwater world of Thailand, you should visit the Anemone Reef dive site.


  • Variety of Sea Anemones

  • Variety of aquatic animals

  • Colorful coals

  • Mostly good visibility
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